Editors Choice, 2016 NOVEL of the Year


Over the last year, we received over 1,000 submissions, wrote 52 reviews and selected 11 Top Picks to vie for Novel of the Year... the final winner goes to a Young Adult novel that is so full of imagination and character that it was impossible to put down.”
— Amy R. Biddle, UBR Managing Editor
At times reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and, at others, of Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass, fans of fantasy and adventure will find both excitement and comfort in the novel’s pages
— Genvieve Shifke Ali, UBR Top Pick Announcement
What a delightful book!
— Onlinebookclub official review
Written for the new age where girls can look after themselves and help the hero rather than wait to be rescued by them.
— Anita Davison, author of The Royalist Rebel
Each chapter dangles a carrot in front of you, enticing you to continue reading.
— Amazon.com
 Winner of the Readers' Favorite Illustration Award and Runner-up in the Children's Fable Category

Winner of the Readers' Favorite Illustration Award and Runner-up in the Children's Fable Category

Both enchanting and disturbing... I wouldn’t be surprised to see Olga on a list of children’s classics one day...
— Lisa McCombs, Readers' Favorite


Official Selection by New Apple Literary

by Ted Klsey


Magic weapons, white tigers, cat-faced moths and giants on motorcycles… OLGA is Ted Kelsey’s captivating first novel and features illustrations by the fine artist and illustrator, Dillon Samuelson.

When a mysterious figure is seen floating and dancing in the field near their house, Jack and Sally decide to investigate. This decision will lead them to an exciting place far beyond their imagination, the home of OLGA.

Nothing in the clouds is as it appears, and in order to get home safely, Jack and Sally must first learn whom to trust, and find a way to believe in themselves.

A story of spirit and imagination that the Online Book Club has described as “interwoven with comedy and deeper emotions of freedom and loneliness”, OLGA will delight readers of all ages.