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Who is the FAKER?

"Shasha said a mystery was like a puzzle. Grandad said it was like riddle. To me, it wasn't important what a mystery was like. I just wanted to solve it. For some reason, no matter what or how, I wanted to find this Alice girl. Find her before the detective with his ugly, flat black button eyes did..."

Wally has a special brain. He notices all the details, but he can't see the big picture. With his brilliant sister Shasha, he will have to solve the mystery of a missing girl before The Faker does!

The questions get bigger and bigger. The answers may be so small that only Wally can see them.  

Laugh out loud funny. Edge of your seat scary. The second novel by the award-winning author of the fantastic fairytale OLGA.

We’re giving Wally 5 stars for making us laugh out loud, bite our nails and squeal with fright.
— ThreeShowSaturday.com

Awarded the Gold Seal for Excellence in Independent Publishing from AIA

...a formidable and enterprising detecting team. Kelsey’s story is first-rate entertainment for readers of all ages,
— Jack Magnus, Reader's Favorite, 5 Stars
An unconventional, rollicking mystery that will make you laugh out loud!
— 4/4 Stars, OnlineBookClub