OLGA is a fantasy novel for young people.

A giant with a crystal heart goes fishing for children, and she catches one named Jack. But why? OLGA treats him like a plaything or a toy, yet also says that she is in danger and needs his help as a human hero. Meanwhile, OLGA doesn’t realize she has also brought another child into her realm. It’s up to Jack’s friend Sally to unravel the mysteries of the Cloud Kingdom before it is too late. Clouds are gathering and the Giants are coming out of the earth’s dark places. If the two kids are brave enough, Sally has a chance to save Jack, and possibly the world.

Buy or borrow a book to read. It is currently available as a paperback for $6.25 or an e-book for $2.99 from Amazon. Paperback orders come with an e-book version. You can also get a paperback at The Bruised Apple Books and Music in Peekskill. Thank you for your support!