Now that OLGA is available as an audiobook through Audible.com, I am sharing some download codes. NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

Write back to receive a free download code from Audible.com! Just write 'AUDIO'. I will send you a code. The code will download OLGA for free from audible/amazon, and can be used to send the file as a gift. 'While supplies last', of course...

OLGA started one rainy day at the train station when I decided to write a little story to amuse my seven-year old daughter and her cousins on a proposed vacation in Maine. I kept writing until I had a short book. I didn't read it to all the kids that summer, but I started reading the chapters as a bedtime story to my daughter.

It is amazing to be able to offer the experience of hearing the story to other families.

When I wrote OLGA, and my other book, I was amusing myself, too, and the story is appropriate for a range of ages. In fact, I've heard the book praised by quite a few teenage and adult readers. That's why I feel I can say that the award-winning story is in the tradition of Narnia (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe). I'm a respectful admirer and fan of the author of the those classics, C.S. Lewis. He had brilliant essays about writing for children. His principles became guiding ideas as I grew more interested in children's literature

1) do not write down to (or for) children. Write with them. View storytelling as collaboration between their visionary imagination and your strengths as an adult. Basically, make-believe together, with a child (or the child in your head)...

2) allow morals to develop naturally through the act of story-telling. Use what he calls the furniture of your mind to find the moral. A good story will have good and bad in it.

So, OLGA is an award-winning story in the tradition of Narnia about a cruel and beautiful being called Olga. She captures two impulsive children. They will try to escape her world, but meanwhile she may secretly need their help.

I hope you share the book with a friend or family who would like the story. Tell'em you know the writer. You can 'give' the book to yourself too. It is first come, first serve. Write to me and I will send a code.

Audiobook Listeners who want access to Dillon Samuelson's award-winning illustrations can do that too! They are also available for free by following directions on my website.

Yours, Ted Kelsey

P.S. OLGA was produced by Sandra Murphy, the "Voice Mama" Sandra has made a great preview on Youtube: https://youtu.be/Xn6orAfQpTM

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