Once upon a time...

Visiting a rabbit in the right way is taking a trip to the bunny planet. Animals are listening to the voices of things rather than words. When we turn on a light to see better, they are looking at shapes in the shadows. It can take a long time to connect with an animal, but it's time well-spent. You can almost begin to understand what they know. 

Alice follows her rabbit to a world with different rules. It starts with talking animals. Next, language itself is turned topsy-turvey. She is asked to pay attention in new ways. The rabbit takes her to a place where familiar things behave strangely, and it's almost impossible to explain where she has been


Animals are wild. But they are not mean. It's true that they can be more vicious than people, but they are also infinitely more gentle. They are stronger, and more vulnerable


Could this author picture be just "too good"? 

Mr. Bettelheim had an interesting idea that children were half-wild. They identified with the animals in the stories. They felt, compared to adults, like outsiders. If you don't agree, ask the four-year-old in the natural foods aisle what sound a dog makes. He will demonstrate. To the horror of his mother, if he likes you enough, he'll lick your hand

Once upon a time, a mostly wrong person named Bruno Bettelheim wrote a book about fairytales. He tried to explain why fairy-tales, and other stories we say are for children, include so many animals. (Peter Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, Snoopy...) 


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Meet some of the animals, fantastic and otherwise...

The White Tiger... from OLGA

"Find Alice, and you will find the cat. And vice-versa like..." from Shasha and Wally Watson Vs. The Faker