Sally lay paralyzed in fear, certain that the giant had heard her.

His hairy ear twitched. He looked up momentarily. His eyes were magnified by his crystal lenses and appeared ridiculously large on his face. Sally saw the big eyes roll from side to side, even slide over her. But his vision must have been blurry because of the magnifying glasses. He didn’t see her. He simply bent his head and continued looking through his papers.

“What have we here?” he muttered. He lifted up a tiny piece of paper on fingertip. He had said he hated human things. But the paper he was so interested in was a photograph. He looked at it closely, huffing and snorting. In fact, he snorted so hard, he blew the little square out of his hand.

It fluttered through the air. The giant stood and swiped at it, but the wind from his hands made it tumble more. It turned and floated, finally settling near the corner right where Sally watched.